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Turn Drama into Harmony

Successful relationships are the key to an enjoyable and rewarding life.

If you want to create healthy, stress-free relationships you need to resolve the small and larger conflicts, whether in your marriage, family and work relationships.

Many of us struggle because we lack the confidence, knowledge and skills to manage conflict well. Without even realising it, we can do the opposite of what really works to reduce conflict and ease tensions.

You can end the frustration, disappointment and hurt of unhappy relationships at home and at work.

Learn what really works to reduce tension & increase mutual understanding

Elizabeth Williamson Solutions provides individual and couple counselling, coaching and conflict resolution services, informed by the work of leading researchers and respected institutions.

You will have the very best information and practical resources, tailored for your individual needs and your relationship circumstances, so you can make lasting positive changes.

Talk confidently, openly and assertively about what really matters
  • Calm your inner conflicts and reduce defensiveness.
  • Build richer, deeper and more loving relationships.
  • Manage family life with more ease and less arguments.
  • Learn how to effectively deal with difficult people and confronting situations.
  • Enjoy more influence and create positive change at work and within your community

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There is good evidence that dealing with difficult, demanding people is an increasing problem at work and in business. Sometimes even in our families. This simple guide will give you the crucial steps to understand what drives difficult people and how to look after yourself.

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You can end the drama and have more harmony in your life

Elizabeth Williamson provides proven counselling, coaching and training services.

Elizabeth Williamson is a highly trained and experienced couples and family therapist, accredited mediator and conflict skills coach.

She is a speaker and trainer in conflict resolution, negotiation and building great relationships at work, at home and in the community.

Elizabeth’s flexible, respectful and contemporary approach builds great working relationships with her clients. She creates a warm, collaborative relationship and research-informed approach as the basis of all of her services.

Practical resources to facilitate positive changes to achieve your relationship goals.

Elizabeth continues to further her professional development and build on her repertoire of counselling and conflict resolution skills. Elizabeth has trained extensively with the Gottman Institute, internationally recognised as leaders in research and counselling practice in couple and family relationship success.

Elizabeth has assisted major business such as Westpac, NAB and Telstra, State and Commonwealth departments, Local Government, and NFP organisations with conflict coaching, training and independently facilitated mediation.

You can have the happy, healthy relationships you want.
  • Learn how to talk openly and confidently about what really matters to you.
  • Increase your ability to be seen, heard and clearly understood.
  • Handle difficult people with confidence.
  • Be confident, on purpose and filled with energy.
Create More Harmony in your Life

Get in touch today. Book online or ring 0400219120 to make an appointment. Elizabeth offers a free 15 minute confidential consultation if you would like to discuss your needs.

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