Successful relationships are your key to a happy, meaningful life


Elizabeth is a therapist, mediator, conflict management coach and consultant who uniquely combines expertise in relationship skills, conflict resolution and organisational behaviours.

With over 30 years’ professional experience, Elizabeth has the expertise to offer individual clients and organisations the knowledge and strategies to achieve their goals, whether at work, in the community or at home, shared with warmth and good humour.

My life has been richly informed by loss, grief, personal challenges and more recently, learning to live with disability. You can read more about my personal story here.


Are you struggling to manage challenging relationships at work, home or with friends?
This introduction to my Conflict Confidence©Model will help you
minimise conflict and maximise healthy connections.






The Art and Science of Relationship Skills


Your First Relationship is with YOU

Do you have a persuasive negative inner voice that undermines who you want to be?

Sometimes life brings you challenges that are overwhelming and confusing, with very human problems that impact your mental health and derail your closest relationships.

Learn to make peace with yourself, be your very best friend and stop the self-sabotage.


Then there is Love and Heartache

Many couples and families want to communicate better and argue less, but feel like they are going around in circles, trying unsuccessfully to restore trust and understanding.

Elizabeth has trained directly in Gottman Method Couples Therapy with Drs John and Julie Gottman. She shares the Gottman’s over 45 years of research-based skills, arts and science behind creating meaningful and rewarding relationships.

Grounded on what really works in relationships that are happy and satisfying, she focuses on practical strategies that will enrich you and improve your relationships.


And the Inevitable Conflicts in Workplaces & Communities

Put a group of people together for a long enough time and it is inevitable that a troublesome conflict will emerge. Unfortunately, that is the nature of human beings.

With the best of intents, you can unknowingly say and do things that continue conflicts and undermine our best efforts to make peace.

If you know what really works to resolve conflict you can stop being exhausted by leadership or team disputes, caught too often in the middle of difficult conversations or feeling attacked for things that are not your responsibility.


Coaching & Training Solutions – Conflict Confidence© Model

Drawing on the best conflict research and practices, Elizabeth has developed an insightful approach to developing conflict skills based her unique Conflict Confidence© Model

“Elizabeth helped us create a culture that is confident about conflict resolution. Our staff loved her dynamic teaching style, real-world examples and shared stories.”

Dealing With Difficult & Demanding People – Free e-Book

This introduction to my Conflict Confidence© Model will help you understand what drives highly controlling people and know how to look after yourself. These are the steps to learn to remain calm, rapidly eliminate complaints and grievances and confidently deal with unreasonable behaviours and excessive emotions.


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