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Elizabeth Williamson is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Mediator and Consultant who uniquely combines expertise in relationship skills, conflict resolution and organisational behaviours.

She created the Conflict Confidence Model to address the devastating consequences when our human behaviours, based on anger, despair or anxiety, damage our connections and relationships with others. As a conflict resolution expert with over 30 years’ experience, Elizabeth Williamson has enjoyed a successful career as a counsellor, coach, consultant and trainer. Today she is recognised as an authority in conflict skills development in both business and personal life. She regularly writes about conflict resolution, resilience and relationship skills. She is an inspiring, informative and motivating speaker and trainer.

Successful relationships are the catalyst for positive change in your life. People who are conflict driven cause great harm to themselves and others. They disrupt, confuse and entrench overwhelming conflicts that seem to defy resolution.

As a leader in business, you want to confidently evaluate issues and influence others effectively to promptly resolve disagreements and conflicts. Difficult and demanding people can polarize team relationships, destroying effective collaboration and cost your business thousands annually.

In your personal life you desire to remain calm in difficult conversations, to remind others of the importance of taking care of each other, and to look out for those who are the most vulnerable. However, in many families there are one or two people who demand attention, have to be right and cause unhappiness by their extreme emotions and behaviours. 

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There’s good evidence that dealing with difficult, demanding people is an increasing problem at work and in business. Sometimes even in our families. This simple guide will give you the crucial steps to understand what drives difficult people and how to look after yourself.


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