Terms & Conditions


Fees are managed by automated, encrypted online payments through the secure Halaxy software system.
Payment is made electronically 30 minutes into your appointment. The full fee must be available to be processed at this time.

Fees can be by cash or direct deposit by arrangement.

Report Writing

Reports are billed at AASW approved hourly rates which are substantially higher than your session fee. There is no Medicare rebate for this service

Non-Attendance or Cancellation of Appointments

A full fee is charged for unattended appointments.

A full fee may be charged for appointments cancelled within 24-hours unless the appointment can be rescheduled within 72-hours.

You agree that this is a reasonable fee, reflects our cost, and is appropriate because cancellations within the 24-72 hour window may result in a session that another client could have booked that would now more than likely be unused.

If payment isn’t made after three (3) requests, Elizabeth Williamson Solutions will notify you of its intent to pursue legal ramifications for payment and may charge a 10% additional late payment fee.

Appointment Reminders

To assist you manage your appointments, I provide SMS reminders:

  • On the day an appointment is booked and 2-days prior.


Contact between appointments

If urgent, you are welcome to enquire about an earlier appointment. I have limited availability for contact between appointments. Should this be requited, I will arrange with you by prior agreement.

Alternatively, Lifeline (13 11 14) and Beyond Blue (13499 22 4636) provide 24-hour telephone services with trained volunteer counsellors.

Privacy Consent

Your consent is required to collect personal information about you. The primary purpose for collecting information from you is to provide quality counselling services. It is a legal requirement under the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) that you read the information below. Please read this information carefully and sign below.


1.    I am bound by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) professional code of ethics and by law to safeguard your confidentiality. There are exceptions to this:

a. If a person or persons are at risk and the appropriate authorities or family members need to be notified. Such situations include the following:
b. The client is at risk of serious self-harm or considering suiciding
c. The client is at risk of harming another person.
d. Abuse of children is a mandatory reporting offence that I am required by law to report.
e. If the client’s file is subpoenaed for legal purposes.

In such situations, it is my duty of care and my legal obligation to act on such matters. This may require disclosure of personal information to ensure your or another’s safety.

As a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), I am required to receive ongoing professional supervision. From time to time, I may discuss client appointments with my supervisor, but I will not provide any personal details that could disclose the client’s identity.

If the client attending jointly for relationship or family counselling gives permission for sharing details of this session with those not present.

Access to Your Records

I keep a record of the counselling process as part of legal requirements for professional practice. I will need to collect and record personal information from you that is relevant to your situation and securely retain this information as required by law. You can request to access to your records in writing to me. You can read your records in my office and in my presence, subject to the exceptions in the National Privacy Principle 6. I can discuss further if required.

The Counselling Process

Counselling is a goal focused, interactive process. I will ensure that you will be able to clearly define what you’re hoping to gain from participating in therapy, and I will assist you set appropriate goals for therapy outcomes.
It is my responsibility to ensure that you have a safe, supportive environment to discuss your circumstances and explore your thoughts and feelings. I will provide sound, evidenced-based advice to assist you consider appropriate actions you could undertake to effectively resolve problems. Should your needs or issues fall out of the range of my expertise I will not hesitate to refer you to an appropriate service.
It is your responsibility to practise these strategies during and in-between sessions. I cannot guarantee outcomes for your individual session or the treatment program.

Referral By General Practitioner

If you are referred by your doctor under the Better Mental Health Treatment Plan you may be eligible for a rebate under Medicare for up to 10 appointments per calendar year. You are responsible for managing your referral requirements to receive Medicare rebates. I will assist with SMS reminders.

I am required to provide a brief report to your doctor, including a treatment plan, when you agree to engage with me. At 6 sessions, I am required to provide a second report, including progress towards your gaols, to enable the GP to authorise an additional 4 session for Medicare rebates. I may advise your GP when you conclude therapy. You can request a copy of these reports. There is no additional fee.