Conflict Confidence

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Conflict Confidence is a simple 6 Step model that
Dealing with Difficult and Demanding Peoplethat Know what really work s to reduce misunderstanding , assumptions and blam e
? Understand the physiology of s tress priorities self care
? Manage unreasonable & trigger ing behaviours
? Stay calm & have clear boundaries under pressure
? Communication strategies t hat r educe tensio n and temperature
? Future focused strategies t hat reinfo rce accountabilityThe costs for your business and reputation are at serious risk when interpersonal conflicts are not addressed proactively and responsibly

Check out these programs below from Elizabeth Williamson that can improve your workplace relations

Teach your Team Leaders the Power of Positive Dialogue in your Workplace
  • Conflict is seen as a creative opportunity for individual and organisational growth, rather than defensive reactions.
  • Demanding, high conflict people, are managed responsibly, confidently and with accountability.
  • Leaders feel confident and informed about best practices.
  • Individual staff take responsibility to resolve their differences, build better interpersonal relationships in their work, their teams and in representing their agency.
  • Difficult conversations are encouraged, skilfully managed, and reflected on as opportunities to build ‘the bigger picture’ business scenarios.
The costs for your business are at serious risk when conflicts aren’t addressed proactively and responsibly.
  • Co-worker frustrations seep through entire teams. Productivity decreases and morale declines.
  • Difficult, conflict driven staff are tolerated or rotated, until an inevitable costly crisis occurs.
  • Contracts lost, reputations damaged and stakeholder relationships at risk because inward focus on conflict means you’re missing opportunities.
  • Leadership energy and drive are being crushed by entrenched patterns. The ‘quick fixes’ aren’t working. Problems are compounded, shuffled around and seem never ending.
Imagine workplaces where difficult conversations are handled with confidence and ease.

All staff, from Senior Executive to Reception to Warehouse, are skilled and supported to be responsible conflict resolvers – rather than conflict avoiders. Team members thrive and enjoy the creativity of inevitable tensions, and there is a solid commitment to take proactive responsibility to identify, address and resolve conflicts at all levels of the organisation.

Elizabeth Williamson Solutions provides tailored conflict resolution services to meet your needs.

Expertise in coaching, training, consulting, and facilitated mediation to resolve conflict, improve negotiation and influence skills.

Elizabeth Williamson combines her 30 years’ experience in counselling, facilitation, consulting and training, with the skills of highly skilled Senior Associates with specialist knowledge and expertise.

Speaker Testimonials
“When it comes to thought leadership on how to turn conflict into creative opportunities that will build better relationships, your first point of call ought to be Elizabeth Williamson. Elizabeth is an engaging presenter with deep and evidence-based knowledge, mixed with well-placed humour who cleverly and professionally shows how conflicts start with the stories we tell ourselves, and how we are all responsible for the value we give to and receive from our relationships. Elizabeth inspires conference audiences to take personal responsibility, and teaches the practical skills to embrace and maximise opportunities that can be gained from positive conflict.”
David Penglase

Hall of Fame Speaker, Author of Intentionomics

‘Elizabeth is a captivating, compelling speaker who brings authority, authenticity and humour in exploring conflict resolution and creative thinking. She can enthral an audience with invaluable insights and stories about how we unwittingly create conflict in business and family life, and then move them to take action with a clear message about skills, personal responsibility and practical steps towards happier, more productive relationships.”
Paul McCarthy

Founder, The Marketers Club

Conflict Skills Coaching Testimonials
“I truly enjoyed working with Elizabeth. The conflict skills coaching program is really thought provoking and I could immediately apply the techniques and strategies to improve the difficult relationships I was feeling overwhelmed by and trying to manage. I gained invaluable insights into the ways I was unwittingly adding to these difficulties and conflicts. The course worksheets are thorough and provided me with valuable additions to my ‘tool kit.’ I am now excited about the future of these relationships. I highly recommend the coaching program to others”
Mary Anne Walden

MAW Action Pty Ltd

“Elizabeth’s coaching quickly got to the heart of problems with our customer communication strategy to reduce risks of customer complaints. Elizabeth clarified how to approach customer expectations, see their perspectives, and promote our services in a fresh way that supports our business expansion goals. I was impressed at her insights into developing consistent high quality customer relationships as we bring on board new staff.”
Fil Strati

Owner, TechSeek Small Business IT Support

Tailored Conflict Resolution Services to Meet Your Needs

Our Consultants

Elizabeth Williamson – Founder, Principal Consultant

Elizabeth WilliamsonElizabeth is a Nationally Accredited Mediator, Member of the Australian College of Social Work, and an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with 30 years’ experience.

Elizabeth has extensive experience in conflict coaching for managers, team leaders and staff at all levels, to better manage interpersonal and change management conflicts. She specialises in advising on managing high-conflict, difficult staff who divide teams and destroy goodwill.

Elizabeth is a vibrant, informative and engaging trainer, who motivates her audience to understand their personal commitments required to manage conflict and build strengths at all levels of the organisation.

Elizabeth has facilitated complex workplace mediations for major banks, retailers, and government departments.

Elizabeth has worked for many years as senior counsellor, consultant and facilitator, and as a mediator and conflict resolutions skills coach since 2010. Elizabeth has had leadership roles in community development, collaborative programs, domestic violence services, and Vietnam veteran programs.

Sandy Policansky – Senior Associate

Sandy Policanksy AdelaideSandy Policansky is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Social Worker with over 40 years’ experience. Sandy has exceptional experience in senior management positions in areas of health and disability, EAP and trauma services.

Sandy specialises in occupational stress and alternate dispute resolution. Sandy was recently responsible for establishing clinical teams in the NDIS in SA, and as Interim Clinical Services Manager, STTARS (Survivors of Torture and Trauma Services for Asylum Seekers and Refugees) through a time of complex organisational review.  Sandy is recognised as an outstanding conflict coach for staff and senior management. She brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to training programs.

Elizabeth and Sandy are Members of the Resolution Institute.

The Conflict Confidence Program

Personalised, confidential coaching for confident, skillful interventions when dealing with difficult situations.
  • Increase your creativity, and reduce reactivity and wasted time, in challenging, confronting situations.
  • Learn how to facilitate resolutions and encourage other staff to resolve their interpersonal disputes.


Practical Solutions Conflict Resolution Programs

Tailored training in conflict resolution, influence and negotiation skills, delivered to suit your needs. Relevant case studies for your organisation are included.

  • Presentations to engage and inspire.
    From 20 minute TED-style Presentations to 90 minute Keynotes. Your audience will be informed and engaged by current research and practical applications to conflict resolution. And motivated to stretch their thinking and consider what each person contributes to the escalation, resolution and prevention of conflict. A whole new approach to relationship challenges.
  • Half Day Intensive Team workshops.
    Conflict resolution and influence skills workshops that are designed with your business needs in mind. Informed, interactive, challenging and fun. Team members learn to focus on interpersonal conflicts within the organisation, and from the perspective of key stakeholders, through self-reflection and group exercises which aim to promote increased resilience and responsibility.
  • 1 day Intensive Workshops for Senior Executive, Management and Staff Teams
    These intensive workshops include research and resources from leading thinkers to promote organisational change in the way conflict is understood and managed, from Senior Leadership to Reception to Warehouse. Learn how to keep an outward focus on relationships, develop common understandings and shared language, and acknowledge the importance of conflict resolution, influence and negotiation skills for individual staff, teams and inter-agency relationships.
  • Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Skills Workbook. At the conclusion of the workshop the attendees will walk away with a ‘Tool Box’ comprising essential and practical skills and strategies to apply to their day-to-day work environments, for Management and Staff. Relevant suggested reading materials and online resources are also included.


Facilitated Mediation

Independent facilitated mediation when complex long-standing conflicts escalate and require sensitive expert intervention
  • Confidential advice to the referring Manager/HR Manager to ensure the nature of the dispute is understood and other additional actions to maintain good outcomes are available
  • Confidential pre-mediation conferencing for parties to the dispute can be arranged in person or by telephone, Skype and Zoom.
  • Management briefings provided which inform of trends and training needs.
  • Independently facilitated mediation can be provided in ways to suit your organisational requirements.