Qualifications & Experience







I have over 30 years experience as a counsellor, coach and conflict skills consultant.


  • CYNERGY©  Trained Conflict Coach
  • Relationship Therapist, Gottman Method Couple Therapy Trained, Level 3
  • Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
  • Accredited Mediator
  • Master of Social Science Counselling
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
  • Member, Resolution Institute
  • Alumni, The SA Leadership Institute
  • Member, Australian Association of Social Workers



I’ve assisted major business such as Westpac, NAB and Telstra, State and Commonwealth departments, Local Government, and NFP organisations with conflict coaching, training and independently facilitated mediation.

I’ve also had leadership roles in community development, collaborative programs, domestic violence services, and Vietnam veteran programs.

“My Mission is to provide resources that you can use to develop genuine trusting personal and professional relationships that empower you to minimise conflict and maximise healthy connections with the people in your life”




Adam Luscombe

General Manager - YMCA Victoria & SA Leisure and Aquatic Centre

“With 1.2 million people through our doors every year our 350 staff have to provide excellent customer service and manage real and potential conflicts in often difficult circumstances.

"Elizabeth gave considerable time and attention to understand the needs of our leaders and our staff teams to ensure the program delivered a succinct message, shared language, valuable skills and a practical model that we could that we could implement throughout the organisation.

"Moreover, she provided excellent follow up resources that kept these important conversations going and helped staff focus on making real changes over the next 30 days. Her presentation is dynamic, inspiring and invaluable investment for any customer service organisation”

Women’s Professional Development Network

University of Adelaide

“Your conflict resolution workshop you held on campus was so popular Elizabeth, the session fully booked within two hours of the email sent to staff.

"Your genuine approach and years of expertise made the session very useful and applicable! Thank you!”

Fil Strati

Founder - Techseek Small Business IT Support

“Elizabeth’s coaching quickly got to the heart of problems with our customer communication strategy to reduce risks of customer complaints.

"Elizabeth clarified how to approach customer expectations, see their perspectives, and promote our services in a fresh way that supports our business expansion goals.

"I was impressed at her insights into developing consistent high quality customer relationships as we bring on board new staff.”

Christy Tepaiho

HR Manager - SA Aquatic Centre

“Our staff loved Elizabeth’s dynamic teaching style, real-world examples and how she shared stories and experiences with us. This workshop has brought tangible changes to our leadership of conflict management.

"At our senior meetings, our leadership team continue to discuss and share how they are using these conflict skills in practice, both at work and at home. Our staff have really started to put the skills into action, which is so great to see.

"Elizabeth’s model will help us create a culture that is conducive dealing with difficult people and confident about conflict resolution.”

Paul McCarthy

Founder - The Marketers Club, Author & Keynote Speaker

“If you’re looking for captivating and compelling speaker who brings authority, authenticity and humour to the important topic of conflict resolution, look no further than Elizabeth Williamson.

"She can provide your audience with invaluable insights about how to effectively manage conflict in business and family life. If you want to deal with a true conflict expert, I recommend you call Elizabeth.”

David Penglase

MSc Applied Pos Psych, M Prof Ethics, MBA, Author & Hall of Fame Speaker

“When it comes to thought leadership on how to turn conflict into creative opportunities that will build better relationships, your first point of call ought to be Elizabeth Williamson.

"Elizabeth is an engaging presenter with deep and evidence-based knowledge, mixed with well-placed humour who cleverly and professionally shows how conflicts start with the stories we tell ourselves, and how we are all responsible for the value we give to and receive from our relationships.

"Elizabeth inspires conference audiences to take personal responsibility and teaches the practical skills to embrace and maximise opportunities that can be gained from positive conflict.”

Mary Anne Walden

Director - MAW Action Pty Ltd

“I went to an amazing event over the last couple of days. One speaker, Elizabeth Williamson talked about conflict and had the whole room transfixed on her every word.

"Basically she said “When we get stressed we write a story and we are the hero at the centre of that story. We either defend, attack, retreat or escape. Everybody else dealing with you being stressed is writing their own script as they haven’t learnt their lines in our script of what we imagine they are thinking."

"Elizabeth suggested the rules of gender, culture and age to conflict also come into the mix and what we are not allowed to say and keep hidden is present in the conflict."

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