Hi, I’m Elizabeth Williamson

Understanding Relationships

I know the pain of broken relationships and of trying to make a co-parenting work. Like many, I’ve had difficult family, friendships and dysfunctional workplaces that drain your energy and lead to sleepless nights.

I have made it my personal and professional mission to learn directly from the relationship masters, conflict resolvers, influence teachers and thought leaders.

Nothing is more satisfying to me than hearing my clients say that I helped them save their relationship.



In 2012 I had surgery to remove a rare type of spinal cord tumour. My life was transformed.

I woke up paralysed from my shoulders down, unsure if I would ever walk again. I eventually re-learnt to walk, after a fashion. I experienced later traumas which meant I have had to re-learn to walk several times over.

I now live with a complicated body that doesn’t work the way I’d like it to.

I understand trauma, deep grief and loss. I understand that challenges of recovery, disappointment and determination.

Resilience is not just a ‘personal’ quality. To forge our independent paths, we all rely on a community of acceptance, skilled support and inclusion.


Conflict Confidence

I have always been fascinated by how some people manage difficult people with ease and stay grounded in conflict situations.

I didn’t always know how to do this! I’ve had my fair share of disappointing relationships and difficult friendships. I so understand the overwhelming frustrations as a parent, the drama of family life, at every age! The workplace tensions that drain your energy and rob you of your downtime.

Then one day… I realised I needed to change the way I reacted or else the drama would never end!

I created the Conflict Confidence Model to address the negative consequences when our human behaviours, based on anger, despair or anxiety, damage our relationships.

I write regularly about relationships, conflict resolution and resilience.

I love to inspire and motivate others to practice these skills through speaking and training.