Family Therapy



‘Family’ looks different for different people and might include your biological family member(s), caregivers, partner, step-family, housemates or close friends. Occasional tensions or arguments are a normal part of family life. When different opinions or beliefs that clash, then family patterns and history can seem to block opportunities for compromise and cooperation.

It is important to respond to family conflict in a calm and considered way that can hopefully lead to exploring mutual solutions where everyone feels heard. However, when strong emotions, longstanding unresolved issues or the power imbalances are present, families may not resolve the conflicts on their own.

To effectively manage all types of family conflicts after your own internal attempts have failed, it would be sensible to bring in an expert in family conflict resolution strategies.

There are different options available to you and your family members to address upsetting divisions and disagreement.

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Family Conflicts



Constructive family relationships are so vital to our wellbeing. Family conflicts are unquestionably upsetting – sometimes they have quite a bit of history behind them. When family members are stuck in conflict it is predictable that they will each have a different perspective about the issues involved. They also may see different solutions and outcomes.

If family conflict is occurring on a regular basis it may start to have an impact on family member’s stress, mood, how they feel about themselves and impact on their relationships even when the conflict is not happening.

Family counselling supports families to better understand personal and past issues, attitudes and patterns to reduce risks of blame, escalating tensions or arguments. Family members find ways to understand each other better, repair relationships, move forwards and find shared agreements that look after relationships into the future.

Conflict feels different for different people. Some people don’t like conflict and will try to avoid it or please everyone. Others may try to defend themselves quickly as a way to protect themselves when they sense conflict. Others don’t mind conflict and feel confident in being able to express their perspective, hear others and respond to family conflict.

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Family Mediation



Family Mediation provides a structured step-by-step process in that ensures everyone is heard fairly and new solutions can be found to grid-locked problems.

We all need to learn more about how have difficult conversations in a respectful and compassionate way to help to increase understanding and heal past pains. Many people say they learnt a lot more about what really works to resolve conflicts and have a better understanding of how they can make a positive difference in their family through participating in mediation.

The goal in mediation is to develop a shared agreement about the positive steps each person can take to resolve these differences. It is often best if this is a written agreement in your own words.

The Family Mediator is an independent and neutral facilitator to assist everyone bring important issues to light and help people find their own unique and workable solutions to their problems.

As a Family Mediator, it is my responsibility job to create a safe environment for respectful conversations that ensure there is a balanced discussion of issues and carefully considered exploration of the positive next steps forward for all.

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Conflict Skills Coaching



Often one motivated family member wants to lead the change in handling family conflict, to resolve family arguments and help everyone move past gridlocked issues. But there may be no easy way for family members to resolve the conflict without independent, professional assistance.

Conflict Skills Coaching provides a supportive learning approach when you need to improve your knowledge and understanding of complex conflict situations to manage difficult people or difficult circumstances.

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