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Skills for managing Difficult People, Difficult Conversations & Difficult Situations





Building Conflict Confidence

Poor management of challenging behaviours by employees, customers or even clients can have significant negative outcomes for your business:

  • Low staff morale, high levels of stress-related ill health and increased absenteeism
  • Conflicts that reduce, team performance, productivity and professionalism
  • Time and energy wasted in managing gossip, incivility and factionalism
  • Increased business costs and decreased profits
  • Poor reputation for recruitment and business relationships
Make sure your leaders and work teams have the best practical skills and knowledge

Effective conflict management addresses emerging disputes and inter-personal tensions before costly damage is done. This workshop will provide your leadership and staff teams with practical skills to defuse difficult situations and better manage interpersonal conflicts, workplace incivility and complex clients.

  • Know what really works to reduce misunderstanding, assumptions and blame
  • Reduce workplace incivility and reinforce personal accountability for respectful relationships
  • Stay calm & have clear boundaries under pressure
  • Use communication strategies that reduce tension and hostility
  • Successfully manage unreasonable behaviours and escalating emotions
  • Understand the physiology of stress & how to prioritise self-care
Your leadership and staff teams will learn how to:

Reduce Conflicts

  • Confidently engage and set boundaries for difficult relationships and in conflict situations
  • Defuse conflict and end serial complaints through effective negotiation strategies
  • Keep issues future focused and ensure clear accountabilities for action

Regain Control

  • Learn a strategic framework for recognising and understanding difficult personalities
  • Proactively manage difficult conversations through a focused communication process
  • Improve your employee’s skills to be proactive conflict resolvers and reduce your workload.

Remain Resilient

  • Proven and practical approaches to remain solution-focused in confrontational situations
  • Simple mindfulness and self-care strategies that really work
  • Support strategies to ensure effective stress management and debriefing when needed


Dealing with Difficult & Demanding People


Research by the High Conflict Institute indicates that the number of conflict-driven people in our society is increasing and currently represents about 10% of the population. The Conflict Confidence© Method provides a comprehensive approach to effectively deal with people who consistently use blame, excessive emotion, and unreasonable behaviours in conflicts.

The usual ‘common sense’ strategies won’t work to resolve conflict with difficult and demanding people. They disrupt, confuse, and entrench overwhelming conflicts that seem to defy resolution and management. Too often they are moved around organisations from team to team.

This popular training program provides an approach informed by research and expert advice so you can:

  • Identify conflict-driven and highly controlling people and the strategies they employ
  • Think more flexibly and manage other people’s heightened emotions
  • Use proven strategies to minimise defensiveness, avoidance and blame games
  • Respond effectively to unreasonable and extreme behaviours, including personal attacks, hostile emails and social media use.
  • Clearly communicate limits, responsibilities and consequences to reduce escalating conflicts and unnecessary disputes
  • Ensure a productive, rewarding and cooperative work environment.


Step Up, Speak Up: Assertiveness & Influence for Women


This unique, practical and fun program focuses on what’s really important to you in your professional and personal life.

This full-day program is for you your staff teams if you have ever:

• Stopped yourself from saying what you really want
• Been silent when you needed to speak up
• Settled for less than what you wanted
• Felt consumed by people’s endless dramas and needs
• Been the last person on your ‘to-do list’ because you’re too busy looking after everyone else
• Wanted to increase your assertiveness and
• Manage difficult relationships
• Increase your influence and impact


Workshop Options

Workshops are offered in-person or on-line, in full or half-day formats. Pre-reading and preparation materials, Handbook and follow-up resources provided.

Option 1:     1 – Day    Introductory Workshop for Leadership Teams(6 hours)  $3,000 + GST

Equip your leadership team to evaluate their capacity to lead a culture of pro-active conflict resolution, identify knowledge, skills & resources gaps to address, and explore the personal challenges to achieve conflict confidence in your organisation

Option 2:     2 -Day     Intensive Workshop – Leadership Teams (12 hours)    $6,000 + GST

Develop a shared leadership vision to embed a culture of pro-active conflict resolution in your organisation and ensure your management have a shared language and the best available knowledge, skills & resources to lead this change.

Option 3:     3 – Day   Intensive Skills Workshops designed for both Leadership & Staff Teams    $12,000 + GST

When conflicts are complex, potentially systemic and disruptive you need to develop a shared vision throughout your organisation to embed a culture of pro-active conflict resolution. Ensure your management and staff teams share the language, best available knowledge, skills, resources, and accountability strategies to implement positive change.


Elizabeth Williamson designs and delivers training in conflict resolution, negotiation, assertiveness and influence skills.


  • Building Conflict Confidence© Program 
  • Dealing with Difficult & Demanding People 
  • Step Up, Speak Up: Assertiveness for Women
  • Resilience Re-Imagined – a multi-disciplinary exploration of resilience skills