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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Good workplace culture requires leadership vigilance and leading by example. In industries with considerable staff turnover, different cultural heritages and historical hierarchies, leaders can have their work cut out for them to embed and maintain a positive...

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Reading the Slouch – Part 2

When I published ‘Reading the Slouch’ in April this year, I was overwhelmed by the responses I received from my readers. That article explored the subtle tactics in a controlling relationship and introduced Matt and Claire. So many emails saying “Thank you. I know...

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Essential Secrets to More Confidence!

Psst: Contrary to popular belief, confidence is not an emotion. I used to think that confidence was feeling cool and sort of, well, unemotional. But confidence is not so much how you feel but how you think about a problem or challenge. Confidence is the skill of...

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Small Package, Big Influence

This is a remarkable story about how to resolve workplace conflict with mindfulness and empathy. There are many bridges to cross in this challenging relationship: differences in language, culture, gender, education and values. As you read about Jade and Mike’s...

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5 Top Tips to Cure Office Conflicts

Workplace conflicts steal your energy and motivation at the office. Not to mention the additional stress you take home, the restless nights, lost sleep and negative impacts on your overall health and well-being. Business excellence requires recognising conflict risks...

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